My mother placed me in an educational institution when I was five, and I remained in one ever since! However, much learning is available away from organised set-ups. Sharing experiences is a wonderful human activity.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mysteriously Beautiful......


A multitude stars that graze along the Milky Way,
Cannot say thanks as many as I may.
For now that the novelty is bare,
Far more the craze becomes so fair.

Ten thousand thanks should be declared,
A welcomed future is there to be cared.
Never before so much zest and pomp,
Did the two found solace and great romp.

The little Venus hilly country spot,
Hiding away the meeting lot.
That hides away between the apex shot,
In an eager and slippery slope.

But when all seemed peaceful and calm,
On the plain a thunder bolt did come.
No wonder the tempest upset the coloured scene,
That seemed so far so joyful and serene.

No reason, no why or what,
As a babe knows not in her tiny cot.
But beggars is said they cannot be the choosers,
Is boldly written for age-old losers.

For even when the tiny bird sought shelter,
She was gladly taken in for an intimate dweller.
Unsatiable thirst and passion,
Both manifest in excellent dual fashion.

The young alert and ready for more,
The partner never to fail as ever before.
Though not as far as one would wish to feel,
But no regrets ever nourished, expressed, denied or weal.

Handsome Venus in all its glory,
Is closely matched by a warm and fleshy story.
The fable narrates the button nose,
That fits in a picture of beauty rose.

And when the sharp attractive eyes,
Look purposely so close to unfold the tangled ties.
A warm mouth houses a quiet but fiery tingling tongue,
That knows to limit the bounds of whatever had sung.

Unfurled, jet black long shiny hair,
Depicts an inviting picture so close to share.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rotis: this is my story !

My story.......!

I was born second in a family constellation of thirteen, just three years before the declaration of World War number Two.

Though a very prolific brood, both the first born and a string of five others passed away either at birth or a little later. They were hardly given enough time to witness the first lights of day. The incidence of infant mortality among the giant European turtles, as well as with humans, was indeed very high. I was very close to joining the early departures because at the worst time of WW2 I was down with typhoid, but was lucky enough to survive both the war and the typhoid.

Living in water might have been an asset. Actually even humans start their lifespan in water, but get rid of it at the end of the gestation period, but with us, both land and water are for keeps. They offer a more welcome and versatile environment. Truly only a few make it to the water after hatching on sand. I was one of the few. But life was very difficult during the infancy and turtlehood years. Because of the war, food was terribly scarce and famine was the normal order of the day.

Other facilities were just as scarce. There was never enough to eat. Back on land it was understood that the food reserves for the populations, as well to our other species the tortoise, were at their lowest ebb. When a convoy managed to sail clear of hostile fire, celebrations were held to mark the event. But for us, things were different. When in the neighbourhood of sunken ships, both naval and merchant, both those of the allies as well as those of the foes, the jettisoned contents of the vessels offered an abundance of food. The Mediterranean, where our colony was established, offered an inviting setting for these occurrences.

During the early days I attended the famous European Pond College for the Gifted. Being a bookworm, this may not be an adequate description, but I was surely a very clever turtle. My name was actually Toisy, from the Troyzee family, but everybody called me by my nickname Rotis, probably because when I adopted a rotary swimming style I was still in my infancy. I never missed any lectures and have taken my studies very seriously . That is why I topped the lists of merit on most occasions, and took a career in education, which I practised for the next fifty years and over.

The normal lifespan of our species is well over a hundred years, which, however, is very short compared to that of Methuselah.

I was very lucky to make the correct choice of career in education, because I can safely say that I was a ranker starting from the very lowest post and ending up at a very important one at the end of it. Heading the same institution to which I belonged during youth was a success story. The number of members of staff was pretty large. But hardly I remember that I ever clashed with any member of staff. Perhaps, I was very lucky not to have met the toughest operators in the set-up. Attending to the needs of the young ones, besides being a social service of the higher order, is also very rewarding. Truly at times it was also a disappointing affair, and the thrill of success and the agony of defeat were sometimes too impressive to forget. Never shall I forget the new entrants to College at a tender age. I used to spend hours on end waiting for the new and prospective attendees, and it was a pleasure for me to meet them for the first time when they clumsily headed for the water.

The job of mother turtle ended with the tears shed at settling the brood on a sandy beach well camouflaged under the hot sand. It was my job to see them through all levels of their education from nursery to College to University. Little is known about the vast expanse of huge air bubbles anchored on the sea-bed which form oxygenated domes, where a variety of activities takes place on a day to day basis. If nothing else, they offer the stage for us to perform our amphibian vocation. For example, one it is possible to find courts for tennis, badminton and squash, a unique golf course with beautifully cultivated fairways, all with expertly cut weeds and algae, and cycling corridors for the enthusiast to keep him away from reckless driving by drunks or hallucinated drivers.

Needless to say, there are only a few differences between the equipment used by us and that used by others. But the end result is more or less the same: enjoyment and relaxation, except, of course, when the fatigue is carried out under competitive stress.

Being a very public spirited turtle I decided to go into the trade union set-up for the local teaching profession. It was quite a neck to neck voting race but I was lucky to win a seat on the executive council, whose main objective was to improve the way of living for all teaching turtles. It was only a commitment that lasted a few years, during which I learnt quite a lot about relationships both vis-à-vis the union’s membership, as well as relationships with ruling political parties administering State affairs. Another phase, similar to the one just described, was my participation in local government, which locally only started in 1993.This was my direct attempt at participating in party politics. But it is pertinent to note that forms of local government were in place much before that date. For details about this part of my story, visit another corner of this website by following this link and navigate to the item Local Government in the menu at the portal.

Unfortunately, the adopted regime, which followed most other undersea colonies and which was not necessarily the best for our environment, was based on allegiance to party politics. Since I was brought up with hard-working principles, and with eagerness to join the vast majorities of working classes, besides paternal influence, my choice was quite a follow-up. I took up a seat and have been on the Council for a good number of years, three years of which was Mayor for the locality of Turtleland . As to family background I followed what most other beings do, that is getting a wife. For nearly fifty years Mother Turtle Junior and myself, had the fortune of having two strapping male offspring, now, each with a family unit of their own. The pleasure of meeting grand-turtles is undoubtedly a very pleasant experience, and one that is a permanent satisfaction. The concluding part of my story will have to be taken in hand in the future, because as we say within the Large Turtle Kingdom inhabiting the Blue Mediterranean: “The tail end is colourful but is late to arrive!”

(end of part one.....)

Friday, February 05, 2016

A come back.

After a long absence, coming back to the scene is ..............

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Being Weighed.

How much should one weigh ?


If one is weighed for knowledge, a little learning is a dangerous thing ;

If weighed for wealth, the richness in good deeds matters most;

If weighed for kindness there is never an excess;

If weighed for body mass, brain weight is the winner;

Weigh your words when judging people;

Weigh one plan against or in favour of others to arrive at the destination without fuss and strain;

When weighing anchor at the end, sail happily through life without regrets;

Never let your decisions to weigh heavily against others;

Lest not the judgment be: "you have been weighed and found wanting."

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

War of the Poses.

If and when you pose like a prince or princess you become one.

Some time ago a person made an appearance on the silver screen, hidden in a numerous audience, but posing like a royal and attired in a peculiar but in a peculiar but elegant fashion. Needless to say, his presence was quickly noticed and was soon enjoying a close-up on the screen. His newly discovered talent consisted in impersonating famous people of recent or bygone times.

The pose portrayed left nothing to be desired. Movement was perfectly on the beat, costume in line with the epoch, and speech with the proper undulations and timed falling and rising.

This stunt takes place all the time, everywhere. Real life impersonation has become so popular. People act a part of which they do not have the slightest knowledge of. And yet they manage to pose with the most important and influential group photos.

Some scalawags are so good at it that they can get away with anything. Take, for example the case of ___Bucklemyshoe, who after attending surgery interventions on the battle front, managed to set up a prosperous surgery clinic in another place, next to the hometown. The reputation was so great that it attracted the attention of the peer group concerned.  

People pose to attract attention. Acting has become part of life, until, of course somebody is clever enough to call your bluff.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Basic values

 An exhaustive list of  basic values may be too long not to be boring. Priorities differ according to many factors depending on environment, social situations and luck. The list following is only some suggestions not entered in any priority order. This all depends on how one looks at it:
The point is now to add to this list or delete the boring ones and an attempt to put the remaining list in an order of priority.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Locked up !

I only realised the truth of "I am never less alone, than when I am alone," when I was recently inadvertently locked up in a the library of the village.

Admittedly the library is only a very modest one, but it treasures a few hundred thousand books nonetheless. What are missing are the latest technologies. There is not, in fact, a signal that warns users of closing time.

Truly chronometers on the wrists or hanging on the walls are not enough for the absorbed user. to make matters even worse, the cellular mobile telephone was left behind.

There was nothing else to do except waiting for opening hours in the following morning, and pass the time with all the names that populated the library.

There was time enough to meet Dickens, Stevenson and Hugo. They were so kind to let me share their writing imagination. In the silence of that night, an angelic whisper drew my attention. It was Juliet who so tenderly let me into the secrets of her love. The bard's lines became astonishingly meaningful.

It was indeed very saddening that the break of light put an abrupt end to my fortunate misfortune.

Maybe next time to be locked up I shall meet more of my friends on the shelves.

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